van Slichtenhorststraat 81
6524 JL Nijmegen

The Encuentro Milonguero La Cadena has found its place in an ancient building that is part of the church complex of the Antonius of Padua Church on the Groesbeekseweg. It is an old Parish House or “Patronaatsgebouw” dating from the 30’s, originally used to provide youth some entertainment. The large hall covers an area of more than 200 square meters. It still has a stage and the ability to project movies. For this encuentro we will add a wooden topfloor with a flexible underlayer. We have found ourselves an even better floor than last year!!
There is catering in the form of a bar, where you can order drinks such as coffee, tea and some soft drinks. Water, coffee, tea, fruits and snacks are included during each milonga of the encuentro.