If you are looking for a place to stay, there are a lot of possibilities. Here you will find a selection of places most of which used to hosting tango-dancers…..

Bed & Breakfast Pluweel – see: Booking.com

B&B Hotel ‘De Vlinder’ (Butterfly) – see: http://www.bbhoteldevlinder.nl/en/

Bed & Breakfast Burgerlust – see: https://burgerlustnijmegen.com/

B&B Westzijde – see: http://www.westzijde.com/

Pension/ B&B Bottendaal – see: http://www.pensionbottendaal.nl/

B&B Sint Anna – see: http://www.sintanna.nl

B&B Thuis in Oost – see: http://www.thuisinoost.nl

Other B&B’s – see: http://www.bedandbreakfastnijmegen.nl/

Airbnb – see: https://www.airbnb.nl/s/Nijmegen–Nederland

Or try the following mail-addresses: