Marinella Pucci!

“Marinella is a multifaceted artist who manages to combine various expressive forms in her path, always remaining faithful to the idea of an art that is a witness to the spirit of its time.
When she is musicalizing, she manages to give her sensitivity as an artist, with the same force as when she paints, makes choreographies, or dances. Dancing tango is not referring to steps and figures but to feeling – it is a wonderful communication that has to do with something deep, and essential, that can occur between a leader and a follower in tune with music and lyrics.
“As a tango DJ, I wish to contribute to this magical communication by proposing the suitable tanda selection.”

DJ Igoris Igoris Saburov

Dj-ing in towns of Lithuania and Latvia, he was elected for two consecutive years (2013-2014) the best DJ in Lithuania. After this he was invited to many encuentros, milongas and marathons all over Europe. So you might say that he is one of the well-known DJ’s in Europe. About himself he says:

“I love all tango music. In milongas I prefer to play music of Golden Era, although I am not categorical and try to feel the interest of the dancing people.”

TDJ Mauro Maurillo Volpato

The third TDJ and the second who will be in La Cadena for the first time is TDJ Maurillo Volpato.

His musical tastes are oriented towards the traditional Tango of the 30s – 40s, better if sung, but in his baggage there is also the Tango of the 50s and beyond, careful to recognize the dominant preferences of the venue and the dance floor in order to satisfy them.

He began his activity as a TDJ in 2000. Since then he has continuously performed music, in the major milongas of Northern and Central Italy and abroad, in Enquentros milongueri and Festivals, offering impeccable professionalism in the evenings which are never “work” evenings but opportunities to share his research and his in-depth study, in short, all his passion for Tango.

DJ Marie Jeanne Sylvie

“Tango discovered me in 1995 and I have been a passionate, traditional tango DJ since 2002. I started in my home base of Ghent and now DJ in all Flemish cities, Brussels, Lille, Aachen, Copenhagen, etc.

As a DJ, I try to seduce, inspire and surprise the dancers with my tandas from the late 20s to the early 50s with occasional contemporary interpretations. I mix romantic, rhythmic and lyrical tandas with surprising cortinas, taking into account the energy and flow of the dancers.”

DJ Andreas Gierstorfer

As a DJ Andreas wants to enchant the dancers, so that the entire dance floor moves to the music as one. His favorite music is from the golden era, no surprise here. It’s the one that makes him want to dance most strongly. But there are also pearls to be found before and after! He takes great care constructing his tandas. From big festivals to very small intimate milongas, every set is a unique challenge. Andreas does have a weak spot for beautiful melodies. He wants the necessary rhythm and compas to be accompanied by them. Biagi is incredible in combining all of these! Same with early Pugliese and Di Sarli. Among others…