Full milonga-pass: € 100,-
5 milongas / 25 hours of dancing
(coffee-tea-water, fruits and plenty of delicious
snacks included during each milonga)


Attention, this event will permit photographs and video and will have an official event photographer. Please be aware of this circumstance before registering, as these photographs and videos will be put online (Facebook mainly).
All your collected personal data during registration will exclusively be used to identify and contact you for this event.

Registration should preferably take place in couples of leaders and followers since we want to ensure that there is a balanced relationship between them. Furthermore, we would like to have some cultural diversity, meaning participants from different countries/cities. This means that we will have to balance according to a few criteria, not only according to the precedence of the registrations!
The number of participants is limited to 120. All single entries (leaders and followers!) are placed on a waiting list until the moment we can create a couple.
Most probably we will not be able to respond favorably to all registrations because of the limitation of available places.

If there are vacancies, you will receive an e-mail indicating the bank account to which the participation fee has to be transferred. Once we have registered the payment in the account, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail for registration and ……… You are in!

Encuentro La Cadena 2020 is fully booked and the registration is closed!!